Work on the Horizon...


Redisplacement (Short Film)


A soulful & artful psychological drama: As Leo's body lays numb on the examination table, the modern therapist's calm, echoed voice guides him into a recent memory. Experimental visuals punctuate a dream-like world as he walks through his past memories and his conscious mind. As he begins to delve deeper to his past, he realises the full extent of the therapist's procedure.


We create a thought-provoking narrative around memory and it’s manipulation, with captivating visuals & post-production edging on surrealism to evoke meaning, creating a haunting and emotive atmosphere. We have a perfect upcoming actor in-mind to captivate in the lead role and a talented musician for the score.


backdoor (Short Film)


A tense & experimental thriller, telling the story of a young cyber-activist hiding out in an isolated manor house after playing his part in the hacking and leaking of sensitive government information online. He nervously awaits his next instruction from the mysterious figurehead in charge. Soon the paranoia and looming sense of dread engulfs him.


With artful & experimental visuals juxtaposed with menacing aerial drone shots of the house and a gripping soundtrack sustaining the tension, the short film will discuss the topical subjects of cybercrime, implication and the manipulation of young people on the internet.


We are in talks with a very talented and perfectly-fitting upcoming British actor for the lead and have a great team in wait for the greenlight! The script has also recently been published in Scenes Journal - a scriptwriting magazine stocked internationally.