Synoptica Short Film (2014)

Directed, co-written & co-produced by Lewis Coates.

​"Introducing the world's first interactive contact lens!"


In the summer of 2014, we gathered at a friend's large family cottage in Suffolk which would be the location for our futuristic drama 'Synoptica', which observed the way technology can interfere with human interaction. New smart-home-owners Jack and Rachel hope that engaging with integrated technology can help bring them closer together, but soon find out their tranquil, modern life is more vulnerable than they expect.

Starring: Nathalie Cox, Chris Grierson

Starring Nathalie Cox (Kingdom of Heaven, Jumper, The IT Crowd) and Chris Grierson, the production was filmed over a weekend where we transformed an idyllic cottage into a futuristic film set with high attention to set-design detail. Directing a large number of actors in a conversational dinner scene and perfecting the slow-tracking shots that build most of the narrative proved difficult, but the final piece was nominated for a Royal Television Society Award and showcased on a variety of short film websites and databases.

Upon marketing the short film online, we decided to create a viral-video. The teaser suggested the Synoptica Interactive Contact Lens was a real-life product that could be purchased, and promoted their sleek, modern design and effective system hardware. We then created social media accounts to plug the product, gaining a number of followers enquiring about where to try out Synoptica products. This then gave us an extra fanbase to push the short film towards.