PIN Short Film (2013)

Directed, written & co-produced by Lewis Coates.

'PIN' was my first written-directed short film, telling the story of an illegal crime scene cleaner and the dangers that come with such a risky profession.

Franck Bonafous, a French actor, was hired to play the lead role. We tried to be very creative with cinematography with a lot of steadycam and POV shots, slowly building the tension from scene to scene, until it's dramatic end.

The slow and methodical pace of the film reflects the daily work-life of our lead character, which slowly builds tension as other characters interfere with his calculated way of working. The teaser trailer we made directly contrasts this: centring on a tense phone-call, striking shots from the film are drip fed to the audience with a building soundtrack and the repeated phone ringing, leaving viewers wanting more.