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'Re•displacement' (2019)


Genre:                            Sci-Fi Drama












"Leo undergoes a modern form of therapy that allows patients to visually recall their memories in order to overcome hidden trauma. As his therapist guides him through desolate and forgotten locations from his past, he begins to question the truth of what is real and what is not".

Prague Independent Film Festival 2019

Bolton International Film Festival 2019

Nottingham Film Festival 2019







Starring:                          Nico Mirallegro

                                      Nathalie Cox

                                      Rosie Gray

                                      Mariah Louca

Screening at:

​Writer & Director:                         Lewis Coates

Director of Photography:                Sam Travis

1st AD:                                        Ana Garcia Rico

Sound:                                         Cristian Majer

Assistant Camera:                         Dan Christophersen

                                                  Ana Garcia Rico

Score:                                          David Housden

                                                   Hugh Major

Production Coordinator:                 George Popescu

Producer:                                     Lewis Coates

                                                  Nick Stone

Executive Producer:                       Julie Colman

                                                  Grant Black

                                                  Gian Keller

Funded by:                                  Rural Media, Static Flow Productions,

                                                  The Felix Mater Society, The Sheditors