'When_Voices_Unite' (2017)

Made for Channel 4's 'Random Acts'

Starring:                                      Lara Goodison

Writer & Director:                         Lewis Coates

Director of Photography:                Dan Haworth-Salter

Sound:                                         Eleanor Smart

Producer:                                     Grant Black

                                                  Julie Colman

Executive Producer:                       Helen Jenks

'When Voices Unite' is a tense, social study of internet activism and social media told entirely through a live social media feed. We watch Jess, a young female activist, discover a dark secret after following an encrypted GPS signal to an isolated location. Comments appear at the bottom of the screen, as viewers express their instant thoughts on what they're seeing, in turn affecting Jess' actions.

The short screened at a variety of film festivals across the UK, winning 'Best Screenplay' at Largo Film Awards in Switzerland and I was nominated as 'Best New Filmmaker' at IMDB's 2019 Awards, Danny Boyle's 'Shuffle Film Festival' in London, and 'Cinemagic' in Belfast.

It was showcased and distributed by Channel 4's 'Random Acts' on their online platforms and has been screened at a variety of short film showings around the UK since completion.